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The Sweet Desires Of Forbidden Love


It is universally known that decency and guilt are qualities wield by hearts of men with a modicum of faith. I am a vast reader but then perhaps I should account for my sleazy appearances with his wife. For whatever that doesn’t seem real to me, I task my soul testify that at its prime, I never paid attention or never was I ever interested. She looked gratified by my company or perhaps we...

She died for a love that never was


Conventionally, every human is capable of even the worst of behavior; with or without recent experience of it. It’s almost like a natural inclination to vice and animosity. One that of course cannot be corrected even with a proper education. All that has to happen is them to be pushed hard enough to break. I stared at her, being consumed by the cold. Her fingers in one hand clenched and in...

The pain of misplaced hearts


There I was, standing in front of a mirror, struggling to pay attention to the detail of own reflection. At this moment I was so vulnerable and kind of a stranger to my self.  The background music wasn’t anything more than the water rapidly gushing out of the tap and hitting the floor of the sink wildly and unceasingly. My heart beat was of very strong thuds against the walls of my ribs...

The literal pain of growing up


Here I was numb, bones broken, soul void of life, body crushing hard to the cold floor. I curled my self into one feeble pile of emotional rock bottom, I had to feel something for the emptiness in me plunged dangerously; looming through my mind. I loved the uncouth cold, the dusty ground, as I weakly breathed in the heavy dusty air that pierced through my nostrils and riled the temples of my...

Witness to a beautiful love crime


The night creatures gave life to the night, it all sounded familiar with stale rhythmic tones; those creepy sounds! The darkness overlapping the shadows. I stared far to the end where the men had no recourse but sought satisfaction in the darkest solitude of the room. My eyes caught a man, troubled, drenched in the void writ large on his entire visage and ragged countenance. A man of such ilk...

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