I bit my lip, my pulse racing and the desire pooling hot between my legs; as I let my eyes feast on this gorgeous male that was as hot as sin. I knew it deep within me, that what I was doing was stepping out of my comfort zone and that meant that I shouldn’t regret it once it happens. His muscles rippled, abs flexing and coiling as he pulled his shirt off. My heart pounded as I let my eyes trace...



Forgive me Pa! For I have trodden the vile paths, and I must confess.But my heart stays obstinate I despair about being guilt-stricken, But the pleasures ….  oh so unfathomable!I couldn’t keep her in her shell!I couldn’t mend the crack any further and she broke free, hungry and uncontrollableI failed to have the oldie stay untouched because she craved more than I could give! Shame on...

In My Wildest Dreams …


I am laying down here on my bed Thinking about you Like I always do. Trying to catch some sleep But these fantasies of you Keep creeping into my dreams Am imagining how great it would be If I gave myself to you. I pledge to honour every single command In this vast sea of wanton reckless desires I can feel your breath on my neck When you kiss me Your body pressed into mine It is difficult to...

She found herself alone with a dream!


Nothing prepared her for this thoughts.. wishes… dreams.. none of that or anything. all she thought she knew, was about to come into reality. his gaze burnt right into her skin… her senses so heightened like a wolf on the full moon In the reflection of his eyes, was a little girl creeping out of her grown body. Emotions so intense, she could feel them growling out to her unwanted...

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