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When Your Baby Boy Goes Missing


The morning was not any different at our home, in the hills of Nateete. The place is a panorama of rolling hills, gentle valleys, a few drying water streams. The roads that meander round through the meadows punctuate the beautiful landscape dotted little houses or baby houses as Kibubu, our house-help’s kid calls them. Our mysterious aunt, Zubedah, had arrived the day before amidst...

Does God really have a reason?


I honestly think God is kidding me at times. Like how on earth does He create all this enjoyment and tell me not to go? And funny enough, I still not go. Maybe I’m naive. I am naive because I have to put up with waking up a girl leaving for a bar in the middle of a cold night; with an Uber that was paid by the guy who recently bought her iPhoneX! I am naive because I do not relate when she...

Religion in the way of love


I am not sure about being in love with a non Muslim guy, but i can talk about loving one. As a young Muslim girl I can positively say that it is the hardest thing ever. The non Muslims understand absolutely nothing about our culture, religion and mindset. It is hard because they will always have terrible misconceptions of us (Muslims) being submissive judgmental and extremists. It is also hard...

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