And there it was, the long-awaited D-Day; the Valentines day. The serene day of love and affection; bliss and bloom; make and break. A romantic amalgam of expectation and anxiety hovered in the air with distinction. Spontaneously, I had chosen to have the date at a fancy hotel next to our swanky neighborhood. Everything was set; the dinner tables neat and cut-clean. The candles flickering to give...



And there we were, attending that high school seminar at a top school back then. l knew it was long overdue so l needed to finally have a girlfriend for myself. l had turned 18, my loins beginning to get the better of me; my longing heart having fed enough on the denial. My mind always projecting into the fantasies of a would-be relationship; I now wanted to feel it; to experience the...



In one of those high school days when we had sneaked out, I sat quietly at the counter, my lofty legs dangling towards the neatly tiled floor of the night club. It was happy hour, in the midst of the frenzy, music blaring, the girls screaming and dancing wildly, the haves and have nots, both whining their bottoms,wiggling their waists plunging into their own sexiness; the overwhelmed men...



I greet you honourable elders in the name of our ancestors. I hope all is well. I received your letter rejecting my request to let me visit you officially seeking your daughter’s hand in marriage. I received it with great reservation and utter dismay for the lack of a better word. I find your reasons avarice, unjust and unfortunate. Quite rightly so, my family has nothing much to our name...

Why testing her will not work out for you


Testing a person is not an appropriate way to really know them. This is because you have just met and everyone has to be his/her best person to impress the other not what the other person expects. Different reasons make different people fall in love; you will not act poor, uneducated, shabby just because your testing a woman’s real love; telling her insulting words all in the name of...

All she needs is a protector, not a tormentor


She curls into one feeble pile and crawls excruciatingly onto the rugged floor. She helplessly inhales the heavy dusty air. The cold blood oozing from her frail body rills through the tattered doorway. “Help! Help! Help me please!”, she wails for rescue. Her chocking voice goes mute with grace. Her silence is loud. She is a woman, the mother of your children; a mother to this dear...

The summit that made me fearless


When I signed up to attend the Fearless summit 2018 in Kenya, little did I know that I was setting out to one of the best trips in my life. I remember telling one of my friends that I will be in the streets of Nairobi taking selfies as the summit was going on. This lack of enthusiasm was not down to a careless feeling of self importance, but as a Muslim, attending a Christian based summit was the...

The tales of a first time traveller


Never before had I been an “international” tourist, let alone “uluslalarasi turist”. How I had earned this trip, is a story for another day. Today am telling you about the trip itself. The weeks leading up to  it had been busy and wearisome, what with trying to get a visa. Unlike the stress I would later learn to endure at the Ivory Tower during the pursuit of documents; this chase I had done...

When Your Baby Boy Goes Missing


The morning was not any different at our home, in the hills of Nateete. The place is a panorama of rolling hills, gentle valleys, a few drying water streams. The roads that meander round through the meadows punctuate the beautiful landscape dotted little houses or baby houses as Kibubu, our house-help’s kid calls them. Our mysterious aunt, Zubedah, had arrived the day before amidst...

The Life without a father


In African society it is always presumed that any child growing up needs both a father and mother figure in their lives, and to this everyone agrees.  This same theory and assumption desperately kept many women in their marriages even if they seemed like they were sitting on sharp 9-inch nails. In Buganda, It was common to ask, “abaana bange bakuletedde nga tebalina kitabwe?” A...

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