He is Al Musswawir; the source of fashion


We have all known renowned designers D$G, CK,  Kardashian, Victoria Beckham which is on an international level. On the Ugandan scene, we also have some fashion gurus like the late Keturah Kamugasa, Ahumuza Brian of A Bryans,  Minisipha Muslimah for the ladies. We still go ahead to have the fashion awards,  music awards, and all that red carpet appearance where we expect everyone to put their art...

One of the best functions of its era


And there we were, neatly clad in our traditional tunics and gomasi, embarking on our itinerary off to Kawempe. The longed day of merry-make , fun, flare, color and pomp had finally arrived. Our very own Sharif Kiberu was finally going to explore the un-chattered waters of marriage. A life step never for the faint-hearted. Shakes, like he likes to be called, was at it again; leaping over bounds...

The pain of misplaced hearts


There I was, standing in front of a mirror, struggling to pay attention to the detail of own reflection. At this moment I was so vulnerable and kind of a stranger to my self.  The background music wasn’t anything more than the water rapidly gushing out of the tap and hitting the floor of the sink wildly and unceasingly. My heart beat was of very strong thuds against the walls of my ribs...

The literal pain of growing up


Here I was numb, bones broken, soul void of life, body crushing hard to the cold floor. I curled my self into one feeble pile of emotional rock bottom, I had to feel something for the emptiness in me plunged dangerously; looming through my mind. I loved the uncouth cold, the dusty ground, as I weakly breathed in the heavy dusty air that pierced through my nostrils and riled the temples of my...

The Plight Of an Urban Poor


The Plight Of an Urban Poor Time check, it’s 4 am. Because of the morning drizzles, he hasn’t left to escape the wrath of the beast. The unforgiving mosquitoes, rain drops through the holes aloof, and the loud moans from the neighbor next door made the night go unnoticed. The land lady has unsuccessfully been hounding him for a week now. She has just arrived, on  the usual time so he...

Teach me how to love you from a distance


“Teach me how to love you from the sides” Teach me how to love you from a distance That when I see you, with all that I feel, I will just smile in my heart even when my heart longs to be you. And that it will be comfortable with in, loving you Teach me how to love silently That when my heart feels burdened and everything wants to come out through the mouth, I shall keep it in the...

Does God really have a reason?


I honestly think God is kidding me at times. Like how on earth does He create all this enjoyment and tell me not to go? And funny enough, I still not go. Maybe I’m naive. I am naive because I have to put up with waking up a girl leaving for a bar in the middle of a cold night; with an Uber that was paid by the guy who recently bought her iPhoneX! I am naive because I do not relate when she...

PoetryBits: From the friend zone to a lover


People change, like seasons I do too. A tool in love then, now a fool too. From the time when your face was new, I knew. In the days when the clouds were glued, your eyes were blue. For the months when your soul was doomed, heaven was due. Then was December like yesterday. January, just days away. I hoped I could find a way. Then the Sun lent me a ray, And finally, February loved again Seasons...

How a beautiful morning got ruined in a strange way


I have realized this morning how brittle our lives can be. In a very strange and bizarre way, I have seen that life is indeed a wave of chaos which we might never fully contemplate its inner fabric. It was a beautiful morning that promised a bright colorful day, full of hope and remnants of yesterday’s joy. The rain was on temporary leave but we were all sure it will return sooner rather...

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