Tales4Good: All she needed was a mother


She wails uncontrollably, her innocent tears unceasingly flood her napkin. I can imagine the image of her heartless mother right through her wet eyes. Don’t the echoes of these cries disrupt her sweet sleep? How could she abandon such a beauty of a princess? I hastily grab a feeding bottle and give her a soft embrace. She suddenly goes mute, smiles and waves the bottle away without a single...

It’s Just Not Yet Time, Help is coming


I can see the sad countenance tonnes of frustration on your beautiful face. I can read the script of shame scribbled all over you. I can see the pain in your eyeball. I feel the worry behind that beautiful smile. Your certainly are not where you want to be, where you ought to be. The curtains are slowly drawing down on you. Your life is moving in circles. You topped your class; the whole world...

QuranSeries: The One Solution To All Your Problems


I welcome you once again to our Quran series. Everyday, in this blessed month of Ramadan, we shall share one verse or two from a section of the Quran, so that we may be inspired and perhaps renew our hope in this world and in the hereafter. Our verse today is found in the second Juz of the Quran, and in the longest chapter of the Quran, Surah Baqarah. It is important for every believer to know...

What if everybody looked exactly the same


Many of us that have had a chance to live with extremely identical twins must be appreciating the power of identity and the ability to identify someone easily. This never comes easily when living with such unique creations of Allah. In 2006 and thereafter, I had a chance to share a class with a pair of identical twins. Identical in the true meaning of the word; skin color, accent, head shape...

Seek help from the one who owns the absolute Power


It is that time of the year again. The blessed month is upon us. The month of blessings and mercy. Most importantly, it is the month in which the Quran was revealed. This gives it my most favorite name, the month of the Quran. I officially welcome you to this year’s Quran series. This year, the theme for the series is HOPE! We aim to pick out a particular verse in each Juz that will, by...

The Love Of A Mother Is Indeed Priceless


It’s a bright Sunday morning and I am in church to worship my creator. I have no idea whats going on, I see kids fumbling to get small presents being given out at the alter. All the women have been requested to keep standing until they receive a gift from the random Sunday school kids. Then it dawns on me suddenly that it is actually mothers day. I get carried away with emotions when I see...



At the deepest pits of indecisiveness and the famous writers’ block, I could not help but ask myself, why do I even bother? Why do I feel so compelled to the pen and paper that my soul feels unsettled when I avoid them. My heart feels like a vacuum, skipping beats, chanting and drumming me into submission. So this time, I take my so stubborn soul through a journey of discovery. “Why do you write...

He is Al Musswawir; the source of fashion


We have all known renowned designers D$G, CK,  Kardashian, Victoria Beckham which is on an international level. On the Ugandan scene, we also have some fashion gurus like the late Keturah Kamugasa, Ahumuza Brian of A Bryans,  Minisipha Muslimah for the ladies. We still go ahead to have the fashion awards,  music awards, and all that red carpet appearance where we expect everyone to put their art...

And He says, surely every hardship is followed by ease


  In my early years, I grew up with older family friends and relatives most of whom were in classes five steps ahead of my big sister, Nuuru. The families were not lacking; not at any one moment. They were notably large extended families with a minimum of seven biological children and at least three foster children and often had regular visitors from the villages. In those days, having a...

One of the best functions of its era


And there we were, neatly clad in our traditional tunics and gomasi, embarking on our itinerary off to Kawempe. The longed day of merry-make , fun, flare, color and pomp had finally arrived. Our very own Sharif Kiberu was finally going to explore the un-chattered waters of marriage. A life step never for the faint-hearted. Shakes, like he likes to be called, was at it again; leaping over bounds...

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