Does God really have a reason?


I honestly think God is kidding me at times. Like how on earth does He create all this enjoyment and tell me not to go? And funny enough, I still not go. Maybe I’m naive. I am naive because I have to put up with waking up a girl leaving for a bar in the middle of a cold night; with an Uber that was paid by the guy who recently bought her iPhoneX! I am naive because I do not relate when she...

How a beautiful morning got ruined in a strange way


I have realized this morning how brittle our lives can be. In a very strange and bizarre way, I have seen that life is indeed a wave of chaos which we might never fully contemplate its inner fabric. It was a beautiful morning that promised a bright colorful day, full of hope and remnants of yesterday’s joy. The rain was on temporary leave but we were all sure it will return sooner rather...

Religion in the way of love


I am not sure about being in love with a non Muslim guy, but i can talk about loving one. As a young Muslim girl I can positively say that it is the hardest thing ever. The non Muslims understand absolutely nothing about our culture, religion and mindset. It is hard because they will always have terrible misconceptions of us (Muslims) being submissive judgmental and extremists. It is also hard...

7 billions, how much do you need?


7,608,238,040. That’s how many we are here. Think of that number when they show you the rear. With 7 billion souls available why would you shade a tear. Yes I know true love is rare. But why live in fear? Problem is that you cropped out the entire – world, created for yourself a dark limited facade. Just outside the door lies another friend for your retreating heart. I see your face sad...

How to deal with a depressed life


Suicide should never be an option. Yes, the challenges are real. Life can be so hard, and patience wears out. And it can happen to the rich ones too. In fact, suicide is more frequent in the rich than the poor. It is indeed easy to lose the willingness to live and death then looks more appealing. We as human beings, are pushed by two things. Fear and hope. Both should reside inside us in perfect...

The only reward for good


55:60 The same way a pen leaves a mark when it touches a paper, our souls leave marks in each place they go to. We tend to think that what we do does not matter at all. The words we speak feel like they just dissipate away. Without looking back, we hurt those we meet. We are rude. We walk away, without a care, from those whose property we have embezzled. But, just like a dog following the scent...

The pain of losing your loved ones


DE JAVU Remember the last time you lost something you really loved? Do you remember how broken you were, hoping it was all a nightmare from which you could just snap out? Take your time and remember how breathing was much harder than it should be. You will remember how your tears drew trenches on your pale face, making way to your lips that could hardly close. So feeble were your joints, all you...

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