A tribute to the single mothers


To the voice of the unheard, the single mothers! I salute you all I haven’t come across anything harder than being forced into the role of mother and father all at once.Because some man decided not to bother at allOr maybe because she was naive enough to believe his liesUnfortunately most of which were just raped by the heartless menAnd sadly some lost their dear husbands due to...

In My Wildest Dreams …


I am laying down here on my bed Thinking about you Like I always do. Trying to catch some sleep But these fantasies of you Keep creeping into my dreams Am imagining how great it would be If I gave myself to you. I pledge to honour every single command In this vast sea of wanton reckless desires I can feel your breath on my neck When you kiss me Your body pressed into mine It is difficult to...

At Last!


My soul is bleeding My heart is aching My life is trying I had a talk with myself And it got me thinking Am I on a ship that is sinking Or am I simply dreaming People keep complaining The questions continue to flow...

She found herself alone with a dream!


Nothing prepared her for this thoughts.. wishes… dreams.. none of that or anything. all she thought she knew, was about to come into reality. his gaze burnt right into her skin… her senses so heightened like a wolf on the full moon In the reflection of his eyes, was a little girl creeping out of her grown body. Emotions so intense, she could feel them growling out to her unwanted...

African Child


African child Came with no wrapping Into a sea Of misconceptions And misunderstanding Yet so happy and glowing Clothed in nothing But her strength Speaks in depth and walks in power With wounds all over her heart You can not bare half of what she has dealt with With scars all over her body Oppressed. Depressed She will bring forth the blessings she has ever desired She is so brave yet naive She...

Why Vultures Laugh


We have dipped Half-fired pots In the well of independence Like vultures sinking Long beaks in the soft parts At least the vultures harvest Chunks of stinking slippery flesh Which sail gently Down welcoming throats But we have stayed by the well Soaked in frustration Our arms heavy stumps Our hearts shrivelled nuts As the water defies ur pots Little winder then The vultures laugh at us...

Dreams of Freedom


My voice husky and pale
My fists fletched and raised
My legs battered and weak.
I cry for
The sky’s dark
Dry. Sad
Loud, mourning my youth
In a thunderous yet scared voice
It screams
I hear it
The rhythm of my heartbeat,
Shattered in pain
But filled with resilience
“Our power!”
“People power!”

My kind of woman


I want one who has cried the most tears so I can wash them away, I want one with so many scars; they create a path to her heart I want one who has been beaten down so many times, I get to be their hand of hope I want one with ugly memories so that I can repaint her imagination I want  one with a fire so deep it lights up my world I want one with a smile so bright I get lost in it I want one with...

PoetryBits: For God and My Country


For God and my country It’s written on pieces of paper and fabrics On countless coins and house bricks I wish we could sing it I wish we could dance and rejoice when we hear it Or we could run and hide when it shames us For God and my country The first foundation stones that define us Number one: “For the God that made us His love is the rope that binds us Our hopes, our plans, our prayers, We...

The literal pain of growing up


Here I was numb, bones broken, soul void of life, body crushing hard to the cold floor. I curled my self into one feeble pile of emotional rock bottom, I had to feel something for the emptiness in me plunged dangerously; looming through my mind. I loved the uncouth cold, the dusty ground, as I weakly breathed in the heavy dusty air that pierced through my nostrils and riled the temples of my...

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