PoetryBits: You think you have time


Unwashed plates under my bed at 10am Till when shall we cry Tilted tales told in tiny time Time! Time! Time! Time! We think we have time, we have not In coats of silk they drive class Dines done with dirty dimes Dimes! Dimes! Dimes! Dimes! They think they have dimes, they have crimes A mother cries, a graduate mourns A woman dies, a man starves Food! Drugs! Jobs! Roads! We think we have leaders...

Teach me how to love you from a distance


“Teach me how to love you from the sides” Teach me how to love you from a distance That when I see you, with all that I feel, I will just smile in my heart even when my heart longs to be you. And that it will be comfortable with in, loving you Teach me how to love silently That when my heart feels burdened and everything wants to come out through the mouth, I shall keep it in the...

PoetryBits: From the friend zone to a lover


People change, like seasons I do too. A tool in love then, now a fool too. From the time when your face was new, I knew. In the days when the clouds were glued, your eyes were blue. For the months when your soul was doomed, heaven was due. Then was December like yesterday. January, just days away. I hoped I could find a way. Then the Sun lent me a ray, And finally, February loved again Seasons...

7 billions, how much do you need?


7,608,238,040. That’s how many we are here. Think of that number when they show you the rear. With 7 billion souls available why would you shade a tear. Yes I know true love is rare. But why live in fear? Problem is that you cropped out the entire – world, created for yourself a dark limited facade. Just outside the door lies another friend for your retreating heart. I see your face sad...

The best I have ever given to a someone


At first, her name was Sarai. But God elevated her among the ranks of man to name her Sarah, mother of nations. The name means “princess” in Hebrew, a very poetic label to woman who gave birth to the kings of humankind. Her piety and dedication was nothing to be shy of. I mean, God chose her to be the suitable wife for His best friend, Abraham. Abraham was himself an entire generation, making...

The only reward for good


55:60 The same way a pen leaves a mark when it touches a paper, our souls leave marks in each place they go to. We tend to think that what we do does not matter at all. The words we speak feel like they just dissipate away. Without looking back, we hurt those we meet. We are rude. We walk away, without a care, from those whose property we have embezzled. But, just like a dog following the scent...

When the love was not meant for you


We were, naive and young, two fools in love. At closing times we met, burying the remnants of a battered soul whose time had come. In a place that was meant for tears and loss, the seeds of what could have been were laid. Was it the eyes, those two beautiful pearls she mercilessly flashes to the world? Or my mind was corrupted by her heavy bottom that danced around the corners of my heart as she...

This is the correct kind of love!


Tell me about love. Tell me about the shots that I’ve missed. Sit me down, and sing me the songs of defeat. Play that guitar, I love the sounds of what could have been. Bring the bass, bang it so hard so I can be deaf from the accurate whispers of ‘you can’t be loved’. No wait, tell me about love. Tell me about the fire that I feel. Touch my heart and hear the drums. Join in the dance of my...

The pain of losing your loved ones


DE JAVU Remember the last time you lost something you really loved? Do you remember how broken you were, hoping it was all a nightmare from which you could just snap out? Take your time and remember how breathing was much harder than it should be. You will remember how your tears drew trenches on your pale face, making way to your lips that could hardly close. So feeble were your joints, all you...

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