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The Life without a father


In African society it is always presumed that any child growing up needs both a father and mother figure in their lives, and to this everyone agrees.  This same theory and assumption desperately kept many women in their marriages even if they seemed like they were sitting on sharp 9-inch nails. In Buganda, It was common to ask, “abaana bange bakuletedde nga tebalina kitabwe?” A...

How a girl became the beautiful stranger to love


She met a guy she didn’t know. “You are beautiful”, he said to her. His eyes were quite big for a man. His lips too. He spoke with a slight stammer, as if fidgeting for breath. “There is so much power in  words. Just three of them accompanied with a sexy smirk and we are done!”, she thought to herself. She only managed to smile back in response. He smiled back too as he blushed...

The Love Of A Mother Is Indeed Priceless


It’s a bright Sunday morning and I am in church to worship my creator. I have no idea whats going on, I see kids fumbling to get small presents being given out at the alter. All the women have been requested to keep standing until they receive a gift from the random Sunday school kids. Then it dawns on me suddenly that it is actually mothers day. I get carried away with emotions when I see...

One of the best functions of its era


And there we were, neatly clad in our traditional tunics and gomasi, embarking on our itinerary off to Kawempe. The longed day of merry-make , fun, flare, color and pomp had finally arrived. Our very own Sharif Kiberu was finally going to explore the un-chattered waters of marriage. A life step never for the faint-hearted. Shakes, like he likes to be called, was at it again; leaping over bounds...

The pain of misplaced hearts


There I was, standing in front of a mirror, struggling to pay attention to the detail of own reflection. At this moment I was so vulnerable and kind of a stranger to my self.  The background music wasn’t anything more than the water rapidly gushing out of the tap and hitting the floor of the sink wildly and unceasingly. My heart beat was of very strong thuds against the walls of my ribs...

The literal pain of growing up


Here I was numb, bones broken, soul void of life, body crushing hard to the cold floor. I curled my self into one feeble pile of emotional rock bottom, I had to feel something for the emptiness in me plunged dangerously; looming through my mind. I loved the uncouth cold, the dusty ground, as I weakly breathed in the heavy dusty air that pierced through my nostrils and riled the temples of my...

Witness to a beautiful love crime


The night creatures gave life to the night, it all sounded familiar with stale rhythmic tones; those creepy sounds! The darkness overlapping the shadows. I stared far to the end where the men had no recourse but sought satisfaction in the darkest solitude of the room. My eyes caught a man, troubled, drenched in the void writ large on his entire visage and ragged countenance. A man of such ilk...

How a beautiful morning got ruined in a strange way


I have realized this morning how brittle our lives can be. In a very strange and bizarre way, I have seen that life is indeed a wave of chaos which we might never fully contemplate its inner fabric. It was a beautiful morning that promised a bright colorful day, full of hope and remnants of yesterday’s joy. The rain was on temporary leave but we were all sure it will return sooner rather...

The best I have ever given to a someone


At first, her name was Sarai. But God elevated her among the ranks of man to name her Sarah, mother of nations. The name means “princess” in Hebrew, a very poetic label to woman who gave birth to the kings of humankind. Her piety and dedication was nothing to be shy of. I mean, God chose her to be the suitable wife for His best friend, Abraham. Abraham was himself an entire generation, making...

How to deal with a depressed life


Suicide should never be an option. Yes, the challenges are real. Life can be so hard, and patience wears out. And it can happen to the rich ones too. In fact, suicide is more frequent in the rich than the poor. It is indeed easy to lose the willingness to live and death then looks more appealing. We as human beings, are pushed by two things. Fear and hope. Both should reside inside us in perfect...

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