And there we were, attending that high school seminar at a top school back then. l knew it was long overdue so l needed to finally have a girlfriend for myself.

l had turned 18, my loins beginning to get the better of me; my longing heart having fed enough on the denial. My mind always projecting into the fantasies of a would-be relationship; I now wanted to feel it; to experience the exhilarating thrill of whatever I had heard.

As l aimlessly ambled through the neat, cut clean walkways just at the stroke of lunchtime, away from the rigorous European history discussions, amid the sweltering heat and blasting winds, from a distance I could spot a rare royal-peacock gait of majesty.

She moved closer and closer with splendor and grandeur, elegance and grace; the vicious winds landing heavily on her soft mellowing skin. Her immaculate diamond eyes squinting lightly to keep away the flying remnants of debris from atop an incomplete site just across.

“Hello…”, I murmured after I came closer to her into touching distance.

“Hey”, “Do I know you?” she replied with a bit of uppity, shocked by my audacity perhaps.

Behold, I was now still trying to process the outright marvel of a spectacle before me. I had not met a sweeping beauty of such amazing magnitude.

In my life, I had not witnessed such a sublime art of human perfection. She had an inviting delicate smile that exposed the sparkling white of her crisp side-teeth; I could only catch in glimmers.

Dimples of measured depth, a sharp baby chuckle, and small dark-round face. An admirable round body is clearly visible even in her baggy school uniform; smart, precise, eloquent and articulate.

she spoke with wit and candor; confidence and courtesy; the complete set l dare say.

I’d met Stella-Mariss (let’s call her that). We dated 6months later, for a record 8months!

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