Forgive me Pa!
For I have trodden the vile paths, and I must confess.
But my heart stays obstinate
I despair about being guilt-stricken,
But the pleasures ….  oh so unfathomable!
I couldn’t keep her in her shell!
I couldn’t mend the crack any further and she broke free, hungry and uncontrollable
I failed to have the oldie stay untouched because she craved more than I could give!

Shame on me for going against your word, Pa….
But at the thought of the masked stranger, I cease to have control over her
I try to soothe her, but it’s no match for how he strokes her to calmness
My body screams for his touch, it feels so wrong yet so right
I am yours and I belong to you Mon Pere!
And now I can’t stop touching and feeding her
My legs keep shaking with pools of desire at the mention of his name.
Some kind of touch caressing myself to sleep as I beg my mind and body to stop

I keep wanting to do it all over again
But he on the other hand, dark and unpredictable,
Led me into a labyrinth of ecstasy and reckless self-pleasure I didn’t know about
Clawing at my skin,
I beg my mind to shut out the ways he marked me, his warm breath, and the nips
He sunk his claws so deep I can’t break free
The want, so innate, so dark, am scared Pa
Find me Pa! Save me Pa!
Take my hand and pull me out of this quicksand
And bring me home, back to your safe place
I feel lost Pa,
I am lost!

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By Panda

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