In My Wildest Dreams …


I am laying down here on my bed

Thinking about you

Like I always do.

Trying to catch some sleep

But these fantasies of you

Keep creeping into my dreams

Am imagining how great it would be

If I gave myself to you.

I pledge to honour every single command

In this vast sea of wanton reckless desires

I can feel your breath on my neck

When you kiss me

Your body pressed into mine

It is difficult to ignore the fire brewing within,

Am en-wrapped in your web of words

Attacking my soul endlessly

As your hands travel

Aboard the top mounds of flesh

Upon my chest.

Surely, I am taken …

The whimpers, moans, squeals and sighs

Are the only words flowing off my tongue

To the race – beating sound of my heart

As I give in to your power,

While in my wildest dreams

So fire amazingly hot,

I am your play toy.

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