It’s Just Not Yet Time, Help is coming


I can see the sad countenance tonnes of frustration on your beautiful face. I can read the script of shame scribbled all over you. I can see the pain in your eyeball.

I feel the worry behind that beautiful smile. Your certainly are not where you want to be, where you ought to be.

The curtains are slowly drawing down on you. Your life is moving in circles. You topped your class; the whole world thought you would top the world as well.

Those foolish classmates are now having fairly good corporate jobs, dating classy girls and occupying lavish apartments.

Your other friends are winning top engineering innovation awards. That ugly high school girl just got married to a young responsible man from a wealthy family. She dines at fancy restaurants and drives a sleek Mercedes.

You are comparing your life to theirs and your not even an inch closer. The friends you had now don’t seek your opinion anymore. They think you are a worthless failure.

You curse the gods and blame the government. You think you are an unlucky chap being wrongly governed.

Your mama waits for your promises to be, your siblings as well. They have all their hope vested in you, but here you are living in awry.

The small businesses you are starting are not just picking up. Everything seems to be falling apart. Your world is crumbling, like a pack of cards.

Your dreams now seem too big. You want to give up. You’re slowly slipping into oblivion.

Ohhhhh.. you my dear, take courage and smile. Someone is going to pick up the pieces and take that burden off you.

Only your creator can never forsake you. Return and seek him. He is watching and all knowing, and will surely arrive at the right time.

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