My kind of woman


I want one who has cried the most tears so I can wash them away,
I want one with so many scars; they create a path to her heart
I want one who has been beaten down so many times, I get to be their hand of hope
I want one with ugly memories so that I can repaint her imagination
I want  one with a fire so deep it lights up my world
I want one with a smile so bright I get lost in it
I want one with a touch so tender it calms me down
I want one with a scent so sweet it’s easy to reminisce
I want one with a stare so hard it leaves a mark
I want one with a will so determined it pushes you
I want one with a beauty envied by the rising sun at dawn
I want one with a soul so free the angels glimmer at her sight
All I’m saying is I need a Queen on my path to Kingship
An empress to my empire
The key to my lock and the window to my soul
That is her, my kind of woman

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