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I am not sure about being in love with a non Muslim guy, but i can talk about loving one. As a young Muslim girl I can positively say that it is the hardest thing ever. The non Muslims understand absolutely nothing about our culture, religion and mindset.

It is hard because they will always have terrible misconceptions of us (Muslims) being submissive judgmental and extremists. It is also hard because they will never be able to know what we feel towards them.

It’s even more frustrating because I having been nurtured in a girls’ school; and having all this girl code, you just don’t tell guys what you feel about them. Especially being me, I can never flirt with a guy no matter how much I like them.

They are just about into noticing and affiliating with other non Muslim girls who are may be better and well suited for their needs.

The non Muslims, I believe, are also open to concepts like romance before marriage and these are completely shunned in the Islamic culture (for good reasons I believe).

They have way too many habits that are completely foreign to us and these are things that happen often. I believe that they would never want a person who didn’t do these things with them.

Even if it were the love in its realist form, I find it impossible that it works out fully. I say this on my own accord and not any other Muslim girl.

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