PoetryBits: For God and My Country


For God and my country It’s written on pieces of paper and fabrics On countless coins and house bricks I wish we could sing it I wish we could dance and rejoice when we hear it Or we could run and hide when it shames us For God and my country The first foundation stones that define us Number one: “For the God that made us His love is the rope that binds us Our hopes, our plans, our prayers, We...

Tales4Good: All she needed was a mother


She wails uncontrollably, her innocent tears unceasingly flood her napkin. I can imagine the image of her heartless mother right through her wet eyes. Don’t the echoes of these cries disrupt her sweet sleep? How could she abandon such a beauty of a princess? I hastily grab a feeding bottle and give her a soft embrace. She suddenly goes mute, smiles and waves the bottle away without a single...

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