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She wails uncontrollably, her innocent tears unceasingly flood her napkin. I can imagine the image of her heartless mother right through her wet eyes.

Don’t the echoes of these cries disrupt her sweet sleep? How could she abandon such a beauty of a princess?

I hastily grab a feeding bottle and give her a soft embrace. She suddenly goes mute, smiles and waves the bottle away without a single sip.

Her face lights up and I realist all she craved for was some attention. I sing her a little lullaby as she chuckles.

Then the honeymoon comes to an end, her smile fades in a flip, fear creeps through her entire body. I can feel it through the firm grip of her small right palm onto my black blazer.

Her other hand clenches onto my chest as l try to lower her down. I can feel the grief in her heartbeat, she cannot utter a single word but sadly looks into my eyes as if to say, “please don’t leave me here, take me home with you,” before she releases a louder cry.

In my arms, she had found peace, some affection and a place to call home perhaps. But it’s time to leave, it was just one of my usual visits to the babies home on a lonely Sunday evening.

Sadly, I have got to go but let me say this. Dear reckless mother, all she needed was some love, nothing much!

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