In one of those high school days when we had sneaked out, I sat quietly at the counter, my lofty legs dangling towards the neatly tiled floor of the night club. It was happy hour, in the midst of the frenzy, music blaring, the girls screaming and dancing wildly, the haves and have nots, both whining their bottoms,wiggling their waists plunging into their own sexiness; the overwhelmed men signaling to the waiters to fill up the tables.

I calmly massaged the bottleneck of my drink, an ice-cold coke.Taking my time,letting each sip settle in with gentle ease,trying to absorb the school stress. My mind, occasionally wondering into the dread of the unknown, my imagination taking flight into the uncertain world of the what ifs.

What if we got expelled for escapism?what if one of us got too drunk to move a step?, like it so often happened.

Careful not to look like a stalker, I had subtly kept my eyes gripped to the three skimpily dressed ladies twerking solely just a leap away, forensically auditing every single body movement, weighing my options, carefully calculating my odds to find where I could possibly place a good bet.

Still trying to shove my anxiety away, the DJ as if to read my mind, played my jam, Got it; a reveler favourite song as-well then,by Isaac Black-man_ you could simply tell by the way we all went crazy.

My eyes,still plowing through the crowd, looking for possibly on who I could lay my wanting fingers. Behold, a tall sexy black girl with a crisp haircut and little fringe settling just a top her forehead emerged from the shadows.Gyrating to where I was, cleverly holding her smoke gray dress down carefully not to fully expose the glowing brown of her succulent inner thighs.

Still dumbfounded, she seductively grabbed me by the collar, bending over to give me the dab of a lifetime.Just as I got fully absorbed, still emerging from what seemed a surreal beginning to gently move my hands down her waist, she quickly turned and compellingly whispered into my ear “Buy me a beer please,”. And that was it.

The end!!

Nothing was ever going to make me miss break time snacks for a full week.

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