The Sweet Desires Of Forbidden Love


It is universally known that decency and guilt are qualities wield by hearts of men with a modicum of faith. I am a vast reader but then perhaps I should account for my sleazy appearances with his wife.

For whatever that doesn’t seem real to me, I task my soul testify that at its prime, I never paid attention or never was I ever interested. She looked gratified by my company or perhaps we were both a little too comfortable, our souls already “unclothed” the garment of shame.

Later in the day, he (the kind one) sought my audience. He, she and I admitted in his presence. I placed myself comfortably. But by design, she always stared at me even in his presence. stealing glances, she and I clocking eyes. I could see a galaxy of stars, a little dissatisfied by her sprawl though. Yet am a beggar adamantly tilting on forbidden lands. Oh, She wounds me.

“Am sorry sir, I wish die not damned” crying whilst bent forward in submission was an old man. Worn out, tears blurred his sight, pain and agony devoured his senile visage. He was a crude old man yet his face I so hated at great length.

“Dear sir, I admit with full acceptance your sincerity” replied the kind one. In a tone tired of the pestering.

“But…” the old man tried to recommence his apology.

Only to be interrupted, “Off you leave old sir, am truly one of such uncommon kindness. Albeit something people of my ilk never say.” He breathed heavily, and in one strong turn rubbed the back of his hand against his forehead.

Disturbed by the unyielding gestures, the old man saw no redemption from His kindness. The kind one, if only had he mastered behavior so perfectly, he displayed impeccable mastery and belief in feigning emotion and forgiveness. He is peculiar, that one.

“You know you should see through his fears, more so those sprout by your cruelty”, commented his wife once the old man’s shadow was in absence. She either pitied the old man or just willingly tried hard enough to train her disposition into accepting her kind one’s behavior for the unfulfilled husband he was.

“No dear wife, the old man’s fate is already accounted for. I once wanted him dead and his body merited to the hog of swine.” the Kind one was always intimate with cruelty and punishment.

“And yet you have such red blood, your monstrosity, that I can’t vouch for.” she mocked him.

“My words, they forth forgiveness dear wife.” he insisted

“You forget am your wife. I pay attention and in many, I alone stand to see clearly through your intentions. You never forgave the old man. You still want him plunged in the jaws of misery. Although I admit he will not survive.” she admired his foulness.

The kind one smiled with ultimate satisfaction.

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