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Many of us that have had a chance to live with extremely identical twins must be appreciating the power of identity and the ability to identify someone easily. This never comes easily when living with such unique creations of Allah.

In 2006 and thereafter, I had a chance to share a class with a pair of identical twins. Identical in the true meaning of the word; skin color, accent, head shape, height, size, name it.

Many of us actually wouldn’t even bother referring to them by their names for fear of confusing them. We would just refer to any of them as “mulongo”. They would easily reply which was so considerate of them but at the end of the day one wouldn’t know who exactly they spoke to.

Problems would arise if you had to strike a deal with one in particular. And to make matters worse, one would just respond as if he is the other. Perhaps they would brief the other about each and everything that was happening.

Teachers themselves, who we thought had better cognitive development, would face problems with identity. Punishments would be hard to be administered in case one went astray in fear of punishing Kato for Wasswa’s sins and vice versa.

Amazingly, that was just a set of twins, in a small enclosed society of a school with a good perimeter wall. Imagine an entire world with people that look alike.

Just take off sometime to imagine how we would survive in a world of similar faces, shapes, figures, skin color, size, hair texture, length and colour, nails, fingerprints, eyes, length of eyelashes, character and anything else that you would use to identify someone from another.

Think about a world where we actually all look alike, you would have to look like all your siblings, cousins, relatives paternal or maternal, the neighbors relatives, their siblings, look like your neighbor, your workmates, your boss, your employees, classmates from nursery school to the post doctorate degree class, your favorite boda boda man, the people who work in your favourite shopping joint, hang out joint, their children and relatives, plus everyone that you can think of.

Your spouse would look just like you, your neighbor’s spouse, their children and yours would be just the same! For those of us who have had chance to travel from our mother countries to places near, far and beyond, imagine you would have to find and be welcomed by people that are just like you!

Same sense of humor, stature, nose size, lips formation, accent, height, same type of mood swings, similar level of understanding, everything. By now it must be very clear that the world would be a boring place, full of confusion.

But then, Allah (Praised and Raised) saved us from all that mess without us asking him for it. Oohhhhh how He loves us! Like He states in Quran 49:13;

“O mankind! We have created you out of a male and a female, and We have made you tribes and sub-tribes that you may recognise (and do good to) one another. Surely the most honourable of you in the sight of Allâh is he Who guards against evil the most. Verily, Allâh is All-Knowing, All-Aware.”

He further goes ahead to let us know about the identity in Surah Al-Qiyama, Verse 4

“Yea! We are able to make complete his very fingertips”

And all I can say is Alhamdulillah for this bounty. Allah clearly saved us from having number plates or moving with name tags. So we don’t have to look like cars on the streets labeled with letters (number plates).

Allah has truly raised us way above everything in this duniya. He has made man more superior than man actually thinks. Subhanallah, we don’t have to be like buildings, roads, or streets that have to be labelled for good recognition.

We don’t have to be just like the animals of the same species on a farm that must have tags. So for whatever stature we have, size of the head, shape, height, figure, skin color, hair differences, let’s appreciate them. Allah gave us all these variations as a bounty.

You don’t have to keep reading name-tags in town to identify your buddy. No one on the street has to stop you and go like “hey, Oohhhhh sorry, I just wanted to read your name, I am looking for a buddy around here.”

He tells us in Surah At-Tin, Verse 4: “Certainly We created man in the best make.” So which of the favours of your Lord do you deny? Indeed, He is our Lord, our creator, the All knowing, the First, and the Last.

#AGazillionBounties #AGazillionReasonsToBeGrateful.

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The writer is a learned Muslimah with a Bachelor's degree of science in human nutrition (MUK).

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The writer is a learned Muslimah with a Bachelor's degree of science in human nutrition (MUK).

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