Turn to your creator


Ensconced in distress,disquiet and disillusion,? Turn to your creator. Wallowing in excruciating pain,terminal illness crushing your bones,ripping your tissues? Turn to your creator. Heavily indebted, creditors breathing on your neck. Barrenness, rejection and loneliness? Turn to your creator Biting poverty, going through the furnace of affliction, Living in shame, filth and squalor. Turn to your...



A lie to my daughter I have always had many things to say, but not this time I have had answers to all her questions, but today I didn’t I stood numb in front of my daughter, doing as much as I could to avoid her sight Her question echoing through every fabric of my soul And so I walked away from her without a word Resigning to my room in utter destitute First my lips fail me, now my eyes...

A tribute to the single mothers


To the voice of the unheard, the single mothers! I salute you all I haven’t come across anything harder than being forced into the role of mother and father all at once.Because some man decided not to bother at allOr maybe because she was naive enough to believe his liesUnfortunately most of which were just raped by the heartless menAnd sadly some lost their dear husbands due to...



In one of those high school days when we had sneaked out, I sat quietly at the counter, my lofty legs dangling towards the neatly tiled floor of the night club. It was happy hour, in the midst of the frenzy, music blaring, the girls screaming and dancing wildly, the haves and have nots, both whining their bottoms,wiggling their waists plunging into their own sexiness; the overwhelmed men...

She found herself alone with a dream!


Nothing prepared her for this thoughts.. wishes… dreams.. none of that or anything. all she thought she knew, was about to come into reality. his gaze burnt right into her skin… her senses so heightened like a wolf on the full moon In the reflection of his eyes, was a little girl creeping out of her grown body. Emotions so intense, she could feel them growling out to her unwanted...

Why testing her will not work out for you


Testing a person is not an appropriate way to really know them. This is because you have just met and everyone has to be his/her best person to impress the other not what the other person expects. Different reasons make different people fall in love; you will not act poor, uneducated, shabby just because your testing a woman’s real love; telling her insulting words all in the name of...

The good men still exist. Here is how you can find them


Today, let us talk about the real man. In case you have invested a lot of time, effort and investment in relationships but you have still failed to feel loved then this is your place. You probably have tried out different men but after all the disappointments and heartaches you have convinced yourself that all me are the same. My dear, read this carefully:. Yes there are no perfect men but good...

My kind of woman


I want one who has cried the most tears so I can wash them away, I want one with so many scars; they create a path to her heart I want one who has been beaten down so many times, I get to be their hand of hope I want one with ugly memories so that I can repaint her imagination I want  one with a fire so deep it lights up my world I want one with a smile so bright I get lost in it I want one with...

Zidane exit the first of a massive exodus at Real


No one quits while at the top. That is why Bill Gates will do everything to crash his competition and make that extra dollar. At least that is what we thought until the main man Zinedine ZIdane shocked the world on Thursday when he announced that he will be leaving Real Madrid, just 5 days after winning his 3rd consecutive UEFA champions League trophy after sweeping Liverpool away in Kiev. Not a...

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