I greet you honourable elders in the name of our ancestors. I hope all is well.

I received your letter rejecting my request to let me visit you officially seeking your daughter’s hand in marriage. I received it with great reservation and utter dismay for the lack of a better word.

I find your reasons avarice, unjust and unfortunate. Quite rightly so, my family has nothing much to our name let alone to offer.

I personally have nothing of considerable fortune except for my great health, honest pure heart and immense love for your little princess. Wouldn’t you wish for such a son in law?

I conquer with your strong assertion that you gave everything good there are was to your single daughter to have a bright future and cannot sit back and watch her waste your sweat: marrying a broke peasant boy from the bush.Over your dead bodies will your daughter ever bare the children of a no body.

While I cannot guarantee a mansion or first world schools for your grandchildren , I think her happiness is much more important. I am a young handsome man of fairly great intellect. Wouldn’t you want beautiful grandchildren as well?

I am quite affable and hold a hard earned diploma in education and a small kibanja bequeathed to me by my late grandfather.

I have nothing more to write home about my humble self but to retaliate my affection for your girl.

I love her to the moon and back and would kill for her regards.

Your in-law.

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