She found herself alone with a dream!


Nothing prepared her for this
thoughts.. wishes… dreams..
none of that or anything.
all she thought she knew,
was about to come into reality.
his gaze burnt right into her skin…
her senses so heightened
like a wolf on the full moon
In the reflection of his eyes, was a little girl
creeping out of her grown body.
Emotions so intense, she could feel them
growling out to her unwanted desires.
The lazy line his fingers traced down to her thighs
…had warmth rushing down
to meet the little spaces left behind by his fingertips
The loud thuds in her chest,
raising pricklings on her smooth skin
the cold air hitting her skin
got her mind in a twirl.
Small hands searching for a firm grip…
met arms so strong
she knew she could hold on for life itself.
Then his warm hands met her bare skin
replacing the cold air that blew past it.
Then the magic happened *****

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By Panda

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